Are you HOPEcasting or Forecasting?

Sometimes when we are looking at the deals we have to close for the month, there are a few that we really really really want to win.

Perhaps it is a big deal (and we want the commission) or a first time order from someone new (and that win feels important to growing our business) perhaps it is the one more deal you need to make quota (who doesn’t like those accolades in the sales meeting).

Color Bowl It is important to know: are you floating flowers in a bowl of water or planting roots in your garden?

Floating Flowers
Floating flowers are be pretty, but wanting them to last for any amount of time is unrealistic. You can’t place your summer garden dreams on those beautiful buds floating in a bowl of water.

You also can’t count on business without any roots. You are just HOPEcasting the business.

Hopefully that one will close this month – I hope I win the deal – I hope… I hope… I hope…

Planting Roots
Instead we have to qualify where our business is going to come from.
* Will it grow in the climate I work inside?
* Is there a chance that NEXT summer the flowers will bloom again?
* Do I even like what the plant looks like & smells like?

If you make sure the new flower takes root, you can enjoy the blooms for as long as you are willing to tend your garden. Forecasting becomes easy, you know exactly where your business is coming from no mater what season it is.

As soon as you stop weeding out your competition, fail to keep the entire garden watered with attention, or ignore the changing landscape and your flowers stop getting enough sun – you are no longer forecasting, but back to HOPEcasting.

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  1. great post, Lynn!
    I call this operating on and with purpose vs. by accident.

    Sometimes the denial switch is hard to turn off but the truth is never as bad as it you think it might be….as it is real.

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