Are you teaching your team to have a Giving Mindset? (drawn from @DanWaldo)

Welcome to week 3 of 4 dedicated to TeleSales Twisting Dan Waldschmidt’s new book Edgy Conversations – How Ordinary people Can Achieve Outrageous Success… so new that it doesn’t really release until April 2nd! Don’t worry you don’t have to wait order your copy today.

Are you teaching your team to have a Giving Mindset?

GivingMindsetThere are several quotes that include “charity begins at home” Thomas Fuller’s fit what we are talking about here, “charity begins at home, but should not end there.”

Of course for our conversation lets make a slight substitute “charity begins on the team”
> to sharing knowledge, expertise, best practices with other salespeople on the team and in your company
> to offer expertise in the marketplace without expectation of anything in return
> take some of that hard earned commission and spend it on charity
> donating time to their favorite cause

Make having a giving mindset part of the organization you lead. When Dan talks abut having a giving mindset in the book, I think the most critical piece is “The problem is not process or plans or people. The problem is our selfish intentions.

The things we teach our salespeople are important, are the ones that get done. To quote Dan again “maybe the solution is: giving instead of leveraging. helping instead of maneuvering. caring instead of manipulating. investing instead of executing.”

Is that what you are teaching the team? Are you teaching your team to have a Giving Mindset?

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