Continuous Progress takes Discipline (inspiration from @DanWaldo)

“The only thing standing between you and outrageous success is continuous progress” ~ Dan Waldschmidt pg 67, EDGY Conversations: How Ordinary People Can Achieve Outrageous Success
That’s why you need the discipline to stay focused and keep doing.

FOCUS – Inside sales takes focus to be successful BUT salespeople aren’t typically known for their ability to focus for long extended periods of time.

This is why at UpYourTeleSales we coined the phrase BURST focus (back in January 2011)!

BURST focus is the idea of putting one thing on your to do list in front of you at a time and ONLY working on it. Don’t roll your eyes at me – there is more.

You get to pick the duration of time!

Our non-scientific study shows a significant increase in results when 3, 1-hour long BURST focus periods are carved out of an eight hour day.

DOING – paralysis by analysis happens in sales when we get stuck thinking and planning yet never move into actual execution, activity, the doing.

Today, take action and move forward on one thing you’ve:
* been putting off starting
* set aside because it felt too hard
* stopped doing because the 1st try didn’t make you a master

Pick one thing to get moving on – commit to yourself to be disciplined about it and create a new good sales habit for yourself!

have you ever thought about how a conversation (that you didn’t want to have) was going to go with a prospect or customer? the more you thought about it… the less you wanted to make the call BECAUSE you were thinking of all the horrible ways the conversation would go.

Then you make the call and it isn’t even 1/2 as bad as your brain had made it out to be. What can you take off your D-R-E-A-D list by doing it?

That’s why you have to make continuous progress.

PROGRESS – Merriam Webster’s second definition of progress is “a forward or onward movement (as to an objective or to a goal)”

Which means without movement there is no progress – without progress you can’t achieve your goals.

No one said progress would be easy, but inside sales isn’t curing cancer OR rocket science; what you need to discipline yourself to do is typically simple.

What you do need is the discipline to take action and get yourself moving!

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