How many sales calls should I make before I give up? (whiteboard video)

How many calls should I make before I give up in a B2B sale?

How many calls should I make before I give up? Is a question salespeople in every industry, every vertical market segment, everywhere ask.

Unfortunately the answer is one that salespeople LOVE to give but HATE to hear… It Depends!

Here are the It Depends! questions to ask yourself if you are in a B2B (business to business) sale.

How many people are involved in the purchase of the product or service you sell? (psst – the answer is NEVER just one)

Are you currently calling ALL of them? (if no – start, if yes – go to the next question)

Do you have MULTIPLE compelling reasons for each of those people to return your call – which you’re using as your messages?

How frequently are you calling?

please note: statistics are saying it takes between 9 and 12 ‘touches’ before someone even remembers you…. Once a month means you are starting over every time!

If you are doing EVERYTHING you can, with everyone involved, without any response – ask yourself:

If I begin this process with an account that has never heard from me before – do I have the same chance of a call back as I do if I continue calling here?

When your answer is Yes – THAT is when you stop calling.

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2 Comments to “How many sales calls should I make before I give up? (whiteboard video)”

  1. Lynn,
    I so appreciate your content. Thanks, particularly, for this post. I consistently preach that perseverance and persistence are an essential part of prospecting. Prospects don’t return a call after receiving one voicemail from a salesperson, unless by miracle, you happen to hit the prospect with the exact issue they’re facing at exactly the right time. It often takes multiple calls to multiple people. Is that a popular position? No, it’s not. But it’s the truth. And when we, as you suggest, use the prospect’s compelling issues in our messages, and we drip/tease the prospect with a series of messages, the odds of receiving a call back go up dramatically.


    • Lynn Hidy says:

      Mike, thank you for your input I like your “perseverance and persistence” message especially how it is ESSENTIAL to prospecting! Regards, Lynn

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