Extreme Differentiation – what do your customers say? (thanks @DanWaldo)

“Don’t copy what others are doing and thinking. You’ll conquer more – and be truer to yourself – when you put in the emotional investment to be different.” ~ Dan Waldschmidt pg 43, EDGY Conversations: How Ordinary People Can Achieve Outrageous Success

ExtremeDifferentiationThe funny thing is I’m not sure if there is much investment that is needed, instead I think we need to let go of our:
* fear of being called out
* discomfort at not fitting in
* habit of following the herd
* dread of people laughing
* trepidation that we will not be liked

I would also throw out an observation that when we aren’t being different, we aren’t being ourselves. Our differences are our differentiators. HEY even the bad speller that I am can see they are part of the same thing!

So today, if I were to call your top 10 customers, what would they say about you? How are you different from the herd? What makes you valuable? What makes you different?

I have to tell you a secret – without your extreme differentiation – there is no reason to pick you over your competition… and if you have 10 customers, there are at least 10 people out there that believe in what makes you different!

ok.. now it isn’t a secret anymore, but if you don’t know how your top 10 customers would answer my questions; why not call them and ask!

Then be confident in being MORE you every day. That is what will bring you success – now, always, and forever.

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