11 Inside Sales Leadership Intention Tips

I’m on an intention kick right now. It always amazes me the changes I see when I do things intentionally. Maybe it is merely the conscious thought vs. running on auto-pilot, or the focus I give the activity.

dreamstimefree_202682This week’s Inside Sales Leadership Corner gives you my 11 Inside Sales Leadership Intention Tips
1. be 100% clear on the result you are looking for BEFORE you take action.
2. don’t fool yourself – if you are angry, disappointed, frustrated, etc – that will come across.
3. make sure you answer “how will this intention make me successful?”
4. once you’ve set the intention – take action, immediately.
5. when working with your team, align your intention with THEIR desired results as well.
6. need a few intentions you could pick? The intent to: listen, encourage, inspire, motivate, understand (that is obviously not a comprehensive list… just a few to get your brain working).
7. leadership isn’t about you, it is about the people following – be sure you understand how your intention will affect your followers.
8. your intentions – words – actions must all be in alignment with each other for you to lead effectively.
9. use the “intention to achieve” when you need help reaching the priorities you’ve set for yourself and your team.
10. make sure you can recognize when your intention works!
11. try teaching your team the idea of intentions (or focus if you’d prefer) as a way to have more effective prospect & customer conversations.

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