Inside Sales – Are You Distracted? (video)

I was searching inside a document for the word ACTION and for the first time (as a bad speller) realized that ACTION is part of DISTRaction and so is traction for that matter.

How much time during a day is taken up by distractions in your inside sales world?

You start taking ACTION and…
• The phone rings, internal call
• The email preview ghosts over – telling you a new message has appeared
• Someone walks by
• Overhead page
• Cube made spins around in their chair and begins talking
• IM pops up
• Your stomach grumbles so you grab a snack

All that before you can get any traction!

Here are 3 tips on ways to avoid DISTRaction every day!
#1 – set your own daily priorities – knowing what‘s important keeps you on track.
#2 – judge EVERYTHING based on its ability to help you move forward toward your goals. If it isn’t going to move you forward, it can wait (or maybe not be done at all!)
#3 – create focus times for yourself – break out times that you are not only focused but turn off all the programs that will distract you from your chosen task.

Fortunately – and unfortunately ultimately it is up to you.

Don’t let yourself be DISed during your day! Take action to move toward your own success.

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