You want your salespeople to change?

As the leader of a sales team or organization, every day there are things you want salespeople to change. 1st they have to see and feel it!

> It may be a habit the have that isn’t productive (coming in late, not asking about budget, etc)…
> Perhaps they don’t ask a specific question that is important in your business…
> Maybe their forecast is never on time or not thought out…
> Or the prospecting they do isn’t focused on the right people or companies…

Regardless of what the change needs to be, as their leader you need to remember CHANGE IS HARD and to top it off, people change for their own reasons – not yours.

dreamstimefree_188296In part 2 “Motivate the Elephant” of Switch, How to change things when change is hard by Chip & Dan Heath it talks about making sure you address the feelings about and around the change you want to see happen.

the key sounds so simple SEE – FEEL – CHANGE
> SEE – make it easy for them to see a world where the change has already happened. This is possibility the biggest missing piece of getting someone to make a change, they need to believe in what it will be like once they’ve done the work – you can’t leave it up to their imagination and assume they know.
> FEEL – make sure you are tying that created image to the emotions you want to instill; hope, energized, competitive, enthusiasm are all needed to put in the effort to make a change.
> CHANGE – will only happen once the salesperson has a picture in their mind of where the change will take them and the emotional fuel needed to make the journey…. PLUS

people change for their own reasons – not yours
That you want someone to change isn’t going to cut it. That picture you help them see and the emotions you get them to feel have to be about THEM not about YOU.

Need an example? Well for someone who is habitually late, an annoyed manager is obviously not enough to make them change (or they would have done it by now). Instead you need to figure out what THEY want that would require being to work on time, or *gasp* early. That outcome or result is the picture you’re painting and their emotions about it are what you need to get them to feel.

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