Top 11 way to stay connected!

If you haven’t checked out this month’s issue of A Chip off the Block; Being Social on Social Media – Are you linking in on LinkedIn? you may want to before you keep reading.

Here is my top 11 list for staying connected with prospects, colleagues, & customers:
1. set aside time to stay connected.
2. make it personal and professional.
3. if you think of someone, don’t put it off – contact them today.
4. in every training class you’re in; make a list of at least 3 people who could use the info, then share it with them.
5. strive to have at minimum, ONE personal connection with everyone you meet.
6. share what the other person would be comfortable knowing vs. what you’re comfortable sharing.
7. it’s not a relationship, if you don’t stay connected, yes interaction “virtually” counts!
8. pick up the phone! (crazy for inside sales I know….)
9. just 15 minutes a day, consistently adds up to more than a week of connecting each a year.
10. be memorable, fun, and informative! All in a good way…
11. make it a habit, something you do as part of your routine (how ever you decide works for you!).

As funny as it may sound, even a blog post is a way of connecting – we are building our relationship as you read. Of course it is even better when there is “back & forth” so please add your tips for staying connected in the comments (pretty please).

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