Missed! 3 tips to deal with salesperson disappointment

Have you ever had to deal with a disappointed salesperson who JUST missed…
* quarter by $960?
* their yearly target by less than ten grand?
* a stretch goal they’d set for themselves?
* an award they wanted more than anything?

Inflating the canopyPeople talk about ego management in sales all of the time – as bringing someones OVER inflated view of themselves down.

What isn’t often talked about is how to make sure that ego has enough helium in it to keep the salesperson floating along through the disappointment.

Here are a few tips on applying the right amount of LIFT:

1. blowing hot air will not work – instead of trying to make them feel better through meaningless pats on the back, make sure you are truly reminding them of the things they do better than anyone else that if they continue will help them hit their goals moving forward.

2. teach them to patch the holes – some times the person who is feeling deflated doesn’t recognize they have a hole in their balloon. Take the time to help them see the tear and make sure they have the skills and know-how to patch it.

3. make sure the basket isn’t too heavy – work with the salesperson to identify if the goal they set and missed was too heavy. Perhaps it is time to remind them the A in SMART goals stands for Attainable. Also, be sure after the goal has been set, all the effort needed is put in to reach it.

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