Two For One! crafting questions just got easier

If you use what UpYourTeleSales calls a “Question String” you simultaneously:
1. Reduce your angst about not having “the right question” prepared, because you don’t have to have different questions for every situation
2. Prove to the prospect or customer that you’ve been listening

So what is a question string anyway?

A question string is when you have a bullet point list of questions available to ask that have blank spaces and … in them to allow you to insert the prospect or customers EXACT WORDS into your question.

Writing-bookNeed a few examples?

A couple samples from Lynn:
Give me an idea of how…
How does __________ affect you?

From SPIN Selling:
How often do you find __________ results in problems with __________?
Is it hard to cope with…

and from Sales Excellence:
… wind up spending more…
… waste valuable time…

Have about five on a post-it note or 3×5 card and the next time you don’t know what to ask to continue the conversation. Take their words and ask them to expand on their point!

That’s the beauty of this two for one tip – you can use it multiple times in one sales conversation.

Communication – it’s your responsibility!

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