Are you using your means & resources wisely?

On Monday, I started a conversation in the Inside Sales Leadership Corner on Addressing a Salesperson’s Means & Resources. This may be a game changer for me personally as I look at leadership in sales, which got me thinking – why couldn’t it be a game changer for individual salespeople too?

What if as individuals we qualify ourselves about our success? As salespeople we already have a “sales process” for prospects customers, why turn the focus inward.

Step 1 – instead of looking at what a prospect wants to accomplish – define what YOU want to accomplish (you probably already have – a goal, your definition of career success, whatever is important to you)

Step 2 – ask yourself all those qualification questions you would ask a prospect.

Today, lets focus on means and resources.

Here are the three I look at with prospects twisted into what they might look like for a salesperson:
> Brainpower – today, right now; do you have the emotional and mental capacity to think creatively – come up with solutions – use mental focus to change habits.
> Time – doing new things takes longer than following an existing habit. Do YOU believe you have the time to make a change.
> Money – it may be money, but it may be something else a salesperson needs from a “resource” perspective; manager support, new skills, accountability partners, etc.

I believe the only two things we can control in sales (and possibly in life) are our attitude and how we spend our time. Looking at means and resources addresses both of these – are you using yours wisely?

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