What does responsiveness look like? (whiteboard video)

Many salespeople confuse being responsive with responding immediately.

One of Merriam Webster’s definitions for responsive is “quick to respond or react appropriately or sympathetically”

In sales both “appropriately” AND “sympathetically” are important!

Appropriately” is about what the prospect or customer expects
• They may want to know you’re working on it but don’t expect an answer immediately
• Each request may need a different speed of response: pricing to present at a 3:00 meeting has a different definition of responsiveness than pricing to present at next month’s board meeting.

Sympathetically” is about what the prospect or customer needs
• Understanding the why behind their request AND when they need it will help connect you to their request
• That understanding will also help them think of you as part of the solution

Let’s boil it down to one thing – ASK the prospect or customer what they need and when they need it!

That is the only way to really know what THEY want responsiveness to look like.

Effective Communication – it’s your responsibility.

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