Are you taking action on behalf of your salespeople?

bullseye-Oscar1319In sales leadership a target is always given. The bulls-eye is defined. The rules of the game are outlined.

Today, ask yourself; “am I taking action on behalf of my salespeople?”

Choosing The Arrow
Help the people on your team learn how to choose the right ammunition for the task at hand. A hunting arrow is not constructed the same as a target arrow (and that is without getting technical about it!).

In sales what arrows are chosen will affect how successfully the salesperson is at hitting the target.

Drawing Back
It isn’t easy to get ready to make your shot. It takes muscle, practice, and skill.

Instead of watching from the sidelines, help your team build those muscles with training, role-play, and repetition to build their sales skills.

It is hard to hit something you can’t see. It is not only important to be close enough, you also need to know what the target looks like.

Make sure the individual salespeople on your team have a clear picture of their ideal customer, so that they can hit it when it comes into view.

They have the right arrow, they’ve built the muscles needed, drawn back, sighted on their target – an archer will not hit anything unless they let go.

Know when it is time to release each salesperson on your team toward the target. Believe they will fly true.

Checking The Target
To see how effective your shot is, the target has to be checked. Each arrow is scored, then the cumulative for that round is added up, along with the days total.

Train your team to know the difference between missing the target completely, getting points, and hitting the bulls-eye. The keep score.

Today, do something that shows each salesperson on your team you understand their job is difficult and you will take action to make it just a little easier. You don’t shoot the arrow for them, you can make sure they are using the right arrows, know what the target looks like, and have the skills to hit it consistently.

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