What is the BEST gift you could give your team?

dreamstimefree_221186Over the years I’ve received a lot of gifts around the holidays from sales managers ranging from a fantastic bottle of expensive beer – books – meals at great restaurants, but all of those are “things” and are fleeting and temporary.

If you had asked me in March or April of most years what my sales manager got me for the holidays I probably couldn’t have answered. How about you, what did you get last year?

Here are a few gift ideas for you to consider:

* believe in their ability to be successful
* have their back inside your organization
* work with them every day to be the BEST salesperson they can be
* know their personal goals and know how this job will help them achieve it
* follow through on your commitments

Even if you pick ONE, think of how your gift to them for the year will not only be remembered but cherished.

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