Musing about a salesperson’s view of time… inspired by Austin Kleon

At the beginning of December, Austin Kleon posted How much of the year is left and it struck me that in sales we have a lot of places in the calendar that are endings.
> end of the month
> end of the quarter
> end of the year

Then add in daily objectives and weekly targets to hit. That is a lot of endings…

Colorado 2011 030I have been trying to figure out how to not get all metaphysical about this topic – consider this your warning; it’s about to happen.

INSTEAD – what if we began to think of time in a more continuous and flowing way?
> Every morning, beginning our day from where we left off with an intention to move forward
> Every conversation, have no assumptions on how it will go and let it unfold by listening
> Every prospect, an exploration of fit between what they need and what you do

All swirling around, letting it all cascade down in whatever time it takes. Of course we would have to believe there is enough water that the flow will never dry up, the waterfall continuing to bring enough down to us that we will not be thirsty.

I can’t say that I know what the result would be; if not having places to impose a stop & start mentality would change what, as salespeople, we would do each day. Maybe the frenzied activity that comes with “the end of ______” would go away and salespeople would have more energy over all.

Perhaps, we would hate it. Perhaps, we would love it.

I can say it would change the feeling of being a salesperson.

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