11 Inside Salesperson Tips for Managing Your Sales Manager

What are you actively doing to be managing your sales manager?

magazines_sm What did you say? You’re not? You’re not doing anything actively to manage your sales manager?

It’s not your job to manage them, its their job to manage you?

Ok I guess I’ll need to give you some pointers:
1. define what success looks like for you, then share it with them.
2. set your personal goals a smidgen higher than the company sets them.

3. figure out what your sales manager is awesome at, and use them for that.
4. ask for help BEFORE you’re frustrated and not able to listen.
5. be willing to try things that make you uncomfortable.
6. own YOUR forecast (it is your business after all).
7. make sure they never feel like a deer caught in headlights when your name comes up in a meeting.
8. share the great things that happen in your day and week.
9. share the frustrating things that happen in your day and week.
10. thank them for the things you appreciate.
11. never walk away with your sales manager believing you’re going to do something that you aren’t going to do.

BONUS ROUND… if there is something that your sales manager has asked you for or expected you to have done on a regular basis – SUCK IT UP and do it without being asked.

We are professional salespeople, don’t make your manager treat you like an 11-year old that never remembers to do their chores. I’m guessing you don’t like that feeling and I’m also sure they don’t want to have to do it.

If you look at that list, then for one moment think of your sales manager as a customer you want to keep happy, it will all make sense!

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  1. Senator Club says:

    Good idea for a post Lynn. When asked by my manager on bad months, “why are you under-performing this month/quarter?” I used to blame external factors (marketing, holidays etc.) They don’t take to kindly to this response. Best answer is to take responsibility and tell them how you will make the improvements.


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