Are you thankful for your team?

It is a short week here in the US as we prepare to celebrate Thanksgiving on Thursday. What a great time to sit down with each salesperson on your team and let them know what you are thankful for ABOUT THEM.

FALL CORNUCOPIA Not sure what I mean by “what you are thankful for ABOUT THEM” – here is the thing, inside sales is very metric driven (not that I have to tell you that) and sometimes we forget the human side of leading a team and get stuck managing.

This week, take a moment and write down one thing about each person on your team you are thankful for PLUS share it with that person. Here is a list from some people I work with to get your brain started:

* stay positive even when I can’t believe they aren’t screaming with frustration
* challenge my assumptions by asking great questions
* make me laugh
* know when they need to ask for help AND ask
* willing to try uncomfortable things
* believe in me, especially when I have trouble believing in myself
* see how we’re better together than individually
* share what works and creates best practices for themselves

Now it’s your turn!

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