Is your team chasing money instead of earning it?

girl with dollar notesIs your team chasing money instead of earning it?

That might sound like an odd concept or way to look at sales – it is after all… all about the money. Right?

To use a salesperson’s favorite answer “it depends” because chasing money and earning it are two very different activities.

Chasing Money might look like a few different things:
1. running around picking the low hanging fruit – which works until you are starving because the low hanging fruit is gone.
2. being the dog chasing a Greyhound bus – what would your company do if the salesperson caught the deal?
3. the kid asking “are we there yet” – every conversation once they find an opportunity is all about getting the PO.

Earning Money on the other hand:
1. is looking for the best fruit – then determining what tools are needed to reach it, this doesn’t mean they don’t pick the best of the low hanging fruit as well – rather they are climbing the right ladder at the same time.
2. instead of chasing the bus, they are the Greyhound – catching their deals by seeing the best opportunities and then running them down by asking all the right questions.
3. happily takes the role of navigator – making sure the opportunity is going in the right direction, looking out for construction and being ready to take a few detours on the way to the final destination.

The best thing about earning money is it is repeatable for an entire career. Chasing money leaves you out of breath and isn’t sustainable unless you keep running forever.

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