Do you instill a qualification strategy?

“Hope is not a strategy” ~ Vince Lombardi

begging for chance - business womanI’ve heard Vince Lombardi’s quote used many times during my sales career, most of the time it has been around a specific deal or business opportunity. How about the people on your team?

You know that hope is all they have when:
* the answer to most questions you ask them is “I don’t know”
* true engagement is with only one person in the account
* their gut feeling is not backed up by any facts or data

To win deals – there has to be qualification. In many of my conversations, salespeople don’t seem to have a true strategy about qualification. Two questions I throw out to salespeople are:
#1 – Does your company have a special skill, type of experience or knowledge that makes YOU the best choice for this prospect on this deal? (will they pick you)
#2 – Does the prospect have everything necessary for you to do business together? (do you want to do business with them)

Of course how you find out that information is the actual strategy. Which leaves you with today’s question: Do you instill a qualification strategy?

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