When is the last time you slowed down to LOOK?

Here is the final October post dedicated to the little things inside salespeople do (or in this case don’t do) – to themselves – without noticing!

fall2012 044 When is the last time you slowed down to LOOK? (I mean really LOOK)

The frenzy of daily inside sales activity doesn’t really promote: reflection, introspection, or celebration.

> take a moment or three to look at what your actions and behaviors have brought you.

Make sure that the actions you are taking and the sales behaviors that you are turning into habits bring you closer to your goals. As my friend Debbie Mrazek says “busy is not the same as productive.” Taking the time to ensure you are BOTH busy and productive is as important as the things you are doing.

> look inside at the things that both drive you and scare you.

There are things that help us keep moving, make sure you understand both the positive and the fears that push you. It helps to know what you are trying to achieve as well as what you’d like to avoid, although either will help you keep going when things are tough.

> before you leave today, look back on your day and pick THREE things that deserve celebration.

Make sure you allow yourself a little time each day to cheer yourself on. Celebrate the little wins (that great conversation on a cold call, someone returning your voicemail message, etc) as well as the huge successes (getting the PO for a big deal, making your quarter, etc). Positive reinforcement needs to be part of your daily habits!

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