Are you trying to earn business without engaging?

Here is the third October post dedicated to the little things inside salespeople do – to themselves – without noticing!

Phone Download 019Are you trying to earn business without engaging?

A behavior that seems to run rampant when I’m coaching inside salespeople is working with the person who decides:
* what to buy
* who to buy it from

Yet, doesn’t have the authority to make the final decision to DO ANYTHING AT ALL.

What ends up happening is the salesperson is stuck looking through the window at the person they’re working with as they talk to the final approver. Trying to read lips from two stories up and figure out what the final determination will be about the purchase.

You might realize this is happening when you’ve sent the quote or proposal over and your contact says “this looks great it is exactly what we need, I’ll give you a call after I talk with my boss about it.”

I’m not saying you need to STOP what you’re doing, rather you need to go further and build a relationship with the person at that next layer too!

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