Do you look to customers for a belly rub?

October is going to be dedicated to the little things inside salespeople do – to themselves – without noticing!

BellyRub Do you look to customers for a belly rub? Rolling over on your back WISHING for someone to come along and rub it.

When inside salespeople look to prospects and customers for the “feel good” moments in their day, they skip parts of the qualification process. Concerned that the questions might take away from the joy they get from the belly rub.

Fred says; Hey it feels so good, let’s not do anything – holding perfectly still – maybe it will last FOREVER.

Has that ever happened to you?
* you get off a call and realize that you got an emotional rush, but no new information.
* when debriefing with your manager on deal, you’re excited but not moving forward in the sales process.
* every time you speak with “that guy” it is a long conversation, but there is never an opportunity to do business together.

Belly rubs may feel good while they are happening, but once they are over you have nothing lasting to show for it. Plus it doesn’t even mean that particular prospect will ever give you a belly rub again.

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