The Sale = tell your friends

I was at the Sales Shebang annual conference in Minneapolis MN the first week of September. As these things typically go (at least for me) I had a few yummy local beers in the hotel bar and talked with people.
BeerFlight-SalesSheBangMNTurns out a country duo called American Young was in town to promote their upcoming album and I ended up chatting with the record label sales guy a bit, along with Jon Stone 1/2 of the duo.

Spoiler Alert… I’m NOT a country music fan. Not even close. The Curb Records National Director of Promotions, Mike, and I were having an interesting conversation – about sales and our careers more than about music. Mike bought a few rounds of the Farm Girl Saison I was drinking and here is where the title of today’s post comes from.

Me – It’s nice of you to buy a few rounds, but you know I’m not your target market, right?
Mike – yes but the sale here is to get you to tell your friends… who might be country music fans. Then they will tell their friends and so on.

I had forgotten the important idea of amplification, The Sale = tell your friends! Now I did go ahead and pay $1.29 at iTunes for Love is War, my first (and probably last) country song download, but more importantly is the fact that I’ve told lots of my friends AND wrote this post about it too.

Never forget – We don’t need social media to be social!

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