How will you spend the next 168 hours?

TheFieldGuideToSales-KittyMy friend Debbie Mrazek wrote this awesome book The Field Guide to Sales. Obviously my cat Mojo loves it as much as I do!

One of the exercises in the book is called “How will you spend the next 168 hours” and is simultaneously one of the most painful & valuable exercises I’ve ever made myself do.

She has you track everything you do for a week – inside and outside of work. THEN “determine how happy you are with the percentage of time you spend…” on each activity.

It is amazing for several reasons:
1. what a fantastic reminder that “busy is not the same as productive.”
2. if you’re honest with yourself – it is eyeopening to say the least!
3. we don’t waste time in hour blocks, it is typical a few minutes at a time.

I dare you to keep track of how YOU will spend your next 168 hours.

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  1. Debbie says:

    Tell Mojo thanks for the recommendation!:)

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