The Dials vs. Conversation Dichotomy

I was reading Seth Godin’s post “Get this over with” vs. “Get something started.” and realized there are things that feel this way for inside salespeople.

dominoesIf your conversations with your sales team focus on # of dials, somewhere around the 20th voicemail of the day inside salespeople being calling with a “Get this over with” attitude. Their emotional objective being to get off the call they are on AND move onto the next.

Seth’s blog talks about a fast food restaurant; all of the sudden the salesperson is looking over the top of the person they are calling and staring at the long line behind them. They might even be seeing numbers in their head of the dial they are on against the target number for the day.

Their voicemail messages begin to sound rushed and disinterested. Their conversations short, they have stopped listening with curiosity and are thinking about their next call WHILE still on the current one.

The dichotomy of the inside sales job is what you need is a “Get something started” attitude to find new business opportunities. Each conversation needs to be a brick in the foundation of your relationship; it takes listening, caring about the person you are on the phone with right now, being completely engaged.

If you, as the sales leader, are focused on dials more than on conversations; the people on your team will be as well. This will probably NOT get you the end result you are looking for – sales. Instead help the people on your team understand reason behind the dial objective.

Dials -> Conversations -> Opportunities -> Quotes/Proposals -> Sales -> Commission

Don’t assume they know, have a conversation about how the numbers break down, explain the why behind your metric.

Dominoes by © Duard Van Der Westhuizen | Dreamstime Stock Photos

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