Voicemail is a tool – how are you using it?

dreamstimefree_224126Time for a few voicemail reminders! Why? Probably due to the horrific voicemail message I received the other day.

Before I get started on the mechanics, 1st and foremost you need to know what your purpose is!

Voicemail is a tool to have people call you back in order to have a conversation (quick reminder; in my world a conversation = an exchange of ideas between two people).

That is the only use for the tool! Much like a hammer to put in a nail, you aren’t using it to fix a leaky pipe or reattach a screw. Voicemail isn’t for selling, educating, or anything else. It is to have prospects and customers call you back so you can engage in conversation.

Now on to the mechanics!

  • If you can’t write down your own phone number as you’re leaving it….NEITHER CAN THEY! Slow it down, the pace of leaving your number could probably be 1/3 that of  your normal pace.
  • One topic only please. I’ve seen statistics ranging from 9 to 12 “touches” before someone remembers you – don’t worry you’ll have the opportunity to leave another message with a different topic (plus you aren’t selling or educating remember?).
  • Script it out. My experience is that without a voicemail script, salespeople tend to babble on… and on… and on. Once you’ve got your script – practice it enough that it sounds like you, not like you reading.
  • Short is better ( ’nuff said)
  • The topic has to tell them why calling you back will help THEM. Don’t talk about your products or services – tell them how your products or services will help them.
  • Eliminate unnecessary words. Please stop telling people to dial ONE before your number… for goodness sakes are they really a prospect if they don’t know that PLUS if they are using their cell phone to call you back you’re wrong.

Become a master at voicemail, it is a great tool and one we use every day. Stop being annoyed when you reach a recording and make sure you are the BEST at peaking their interest and getting them to return your call.

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