Your LinkedIn Profile – your prospects 1st glimpse

Here is what could be a scary exercise: Google yourself. Now while you’re looking at the results ask yourself this question… would I do business w me based on these results?

Your prospects have LOTS of choices. You probably aren’t the only person calling to earn their business and there is most likely someone working hard to keep their business!

For many people their LinkedIn profile is the top search result they see. Which is why the next step is to take a look at your LinkedIn profile and ask yourself… with all the other choices, would I take my call if I were a prospect of mine?

Here are the basics:

  1. use an actual photograph
  2. make yoursef find-able (customize your public profile URL to be your name. You might have to improvise if your name is popular: FirstLast, FirstInitialLast, LastFirst)
  3. your headline can start to show the value you bring vs. your job title
  4. leverage your summary
  5. experience should demonstrate how you add value NOT be your resume

For details on each of these profile basics (and more!), you can check out The Fundamentals of LinkedIn Social Prospecting™ for Inside Sales Reps my collaboration with Janet Stucchi of The Bridge Group.

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