Research has a place in leadership

All month the Inside Sales Leadership Corner is exploring each piece of the diagram I created based on a discussion that will air Thursday on Sales Coaching over Coffee in the Coffee Klatch conversation.

ObstacleResearch is an interesting concept when it comes to sales leadership, because I think it is often forgotten.

Why forgotten? Because many of the sales leaders I meet discount the impact of researching being a leader!

Stop thinking about research in sales as something salespeople need to do about their territory, accounts, prospects, contacts, etc. (note: all of that is certainly important).

Begin to think of the research you can (and need to) do about being the best leader you can be.

    1. READ -autobiographies or biographies of leaders you admire. Articles, blogs, books, on the topic of leadership.
    2. LISTEN -check out some TED Talks (it doesn’t have to long – spend 6 min 15 seconds listening to Drew Dudley)
    3. COLLECT – begin to create your own leadership catalog, a collection of information, stories, and inspiration for the leader you want to become.


for more – listen on May 9th to the show! there is the player on the left. Click on it at 1:00 NY Time to hear the whole conversation. PLUS check back over the next three weeks to see posts dedicated to: plan – action – reflection, and last week’s Is the center obstacle YOU?

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