Is the center obstacle YOU?

ObstacleThis month’s theme is inspired by my co-conspirators on the Sales Coaching over Coffee – Coffee Klatch conversation; Dan Waldschmidt and Leanne Hoagland-Smith.

Over the course of our conversation that had wrapped research into a plan, the plan into action, and followed it by reflection; we came to a point where Leanne said “the center obstacle is YOU.”

For me one critical point of leadership is being willing to ask “am I the problem?”

You could do all the research necessary, create the perfect plan, even put the effort in to take action, and then as you are doing post action reflection – miss the fact that the common demonstrator for all four areas is you.

Time for a self-check:

  1. Belief – is there something that I believe which is holding me back from achieving the results I want?
  2. Skills – what piece of knowledge, information, or know how do I need to improve?
  3. Experience – am I not giving this a chance (Malcolm Gladwell’s 10,000 hour rule or thinking I can ride a bike immediately without training wheels)?

Of course; there is always a point where you might find yourself stuck – discuss the scenario with your mentor, find an accountability partner, look for advice from colleagues, perhaps hire yourself a coach – to become unstuck.

for more – listen on May 9th to the show! there is the player on the left. Click on it at 1:00 NY Time to hear the whole conversation. PLUS check back over the next four weeks to see posts dedicated to: research – plan – action – reflection

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