One More Thing

dreamstimefree_203729“The last straw didn’t break the camel’s back. The camel allowed his back to be broken by not shrugging off the straws that others kept piling up.” ~ Dan Waldschmidt from 124+ Edgy Perspectives to Help you Accomplish the Impossible.

Today I’m going to pose a question: What would you do for your own sales career if time were an unlimited resource?

Don’t role your eyes at me! I know time isn’t unlimited, but stop piling straw on that camel and walk with me for a minute.

How we choose to use our time is one of the two things I believe we can control in sales (and perhaps in life). In case it would bother you… the other thing we can control is our own attitude. Now back to our camel.

How often do we, as salespeople, view activity as being the straw piled on top of our camel? That there is no way we can do one – more – thing; between things management wants done, things customers are demanding, and continuing to find new business.

Do yourself a favor and look at all the straw on your camels back – if it isn’t something you understand will help you in your sales career… why are you doing it?

If it is an activity management demands of you – ask your manager to explain what it does to help you move forward.

NOW – take all the straw off your camel that you don’t need to carry with you. You may be amazed at how much time you freed up! That is time you can spend on your sales career.

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