Are you the oasis of stability for your team?

“you become an oasis of stability within their personal sandstorm of change.” ~ Bob Burg & John David Mann

Every once in a while I’ll read something that strikes my fancy and I can’t get it out of my head. This quote is one of those thing!

Today, look at how you are managing your team and ask – would my salespeople describe me as “you become an oasis of stability within their personal sandstorm of change?”

Here are some sample scenarios to consider:
• You get out of your weekly sales forecast meeting and numbers aren’t where they need to be and one of your team members shares they just lost a deal.
• An angry/upset client has finished dressing you down on the phone for an error that was made and now its time for your weekly one-on-one meeting with the salesperson who’s account it is.
• Your team just booked the business needed to make quote for the whole quarter, when your boss drops by to ask about a person on your team’s performance.

Did your answer change? Would your attitude, behavior, or interactions be the same or different in each of my scenarios?

Top performers will ensure that their team can trust having that oasis of stability from you – after all sales is certainly a personal sandstorm of change.

Want to hear more from Bob Burg? Tune into Sales Coaching over Coffee on April 18th at 1:00 NY Time when I interview him about his book The Go-Giver that he co-authored with John David Mann

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