Today’s Confession “I just do that”

I’m here to make a confession.

When working with salespeople I stress the fact that the things you “just do” are typically the most important aspect of your working relationship with prospects and customers.

The other day I did it to myself; said to a client “it’s no big deal – I just do that”…. luckily I’ve known her for years and she replied “STOP IT – don’t you coach people to not belittle the things they do?” (thanks Patti)

To completely finish my confession, the complement she was attempting to give me BEFORE I rudely interrupted her was about self-discipline, how funny is that?

Today take a moment and make a list of all the things you “just do” and post it up on you wall.

Then accept the complement when it is offered, perhaps even saying; “Thank you, it is nice when the things I do well are the things my customers really need someone to do for them.”

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