Where does time go?

here_nowI just looked down and realized that an hour has gone by. How does that happen? Where does time go?

On a good day it means I’m in the Here & Now, present in every conversation I have with a prospect or customer. On a bad day it means I’m Day Dreaming my day way – unable to focus (perhaps with my distract-a-girl superhero cape on).

Today is a good day, when the activity on my schedule is interesting and holds my attention. A little writing, some conversations with interesting people, and a solid call purpose for my prospecting calls.

That made me realize that I can completely control good vs. bad days (perhaps not 100%… I get that but let me give you a WHAT IF):

What if you picked a theme or focus for your day, I have one for the year thanks to Laura Posey (Chief Instigator of Dancing Elephants) and her Simple Strategic Plan program (the link is if you want to get the program for yourself). Create!

Every day I have the opportunity to figure out what I’m going to Create! and that helps me keep focused on what I’m trying to accomplish.

I’m also using my calendar (thanks Microsoft for Outlook) to schedule both ‘exclusive’ and ‘inclusive’ blocks of time. ‘exclusive’ to make sure I ONLY do what I have scheduled and exclude any other activity for that block of time… because of my distract-a-girl alter ego I typically keep each block to one hour. ‘inclusive’ time is something I was introduced to by Sales Excellence last year, making sure a particular activity doesn’t exceed the time allotted (A great example of ‘inclusive’ is doing research on a prospect account).

Prioritization is another took to make sure my days are good ones where I can stay in the Here & Now. If I can tie back all the activity to how it will assist me in reaching my goals all that time is well spent.

Hopefully the next time you say “Where does time go?” you’ll have an answer for yourself.

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