Do you still get giddy?

dreamstimefree_225106I was in a meeting about deal strategy with a group of sales leaders recently. The conversation was around how to have salespeople remember to gather all the necessary details to qualify the business opportunities they were finding. Here are three things that I think are critical to remember that were discussion points that came up:

Remember it is going to take Numerous Phone Conversations to gather the details.

In TeleSales there is a series of 3 – 7 minute conversations where the salesperson might find out one or two new pieces of information. Along with a few longer 10 – 20 minute opportunities to dig deep with the prospect about what is important to make their project/purchases considered a success.

> coach your team to make sure they track what they know AND what they don’t know immediately following every conversation. This will help make the next call more effective.

There have to be Multiple People confirming information.

Too often salespeople have ‘my contact’ who tends to be the only person they speak with in an account on a regular basis. Many times they become comfortable that that person is telling them everything they need to know and they don’t want to anger or annoy someone who is talking to them.

> coaching moment; one person may be telling THEIR truth BUT it may not be the organization’s truth. Work with the salesperson on ways to speak to more people without their main contact feeling like they went over their head or behind their back.

Most important may have been Do you still get giddy?

At times the lack of qualification details is because the salesperson was giddy with excitement that they identified a business opportunity! Don’t discount the forgetfulness that comes from the thrill of being along for the ride at the sales amusement park.

> coaching option; make sure you let the salesperson know YOU still get giddy and forget to qualify too. Then create a call back plan for the person they just spoke with PLUS a plan to contact other people to gather more details.

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