More Sales Success in 2013 – part 5, Action & Reflection

Reflection is a form of action!

In first four parts of the More Sales Success in 2013 series there has been a combination of action & reflection.

part 4, Read – Learn – Grow

part 3, its going to take WORK

part 2, look in the mirror

part 1, make sure you define SUCCESS

Today I’d like to remind you that reflection itself is a way of taking action. Every time you; consider, ponder, observe, etc – you are bringing your success back into the forefront of your mind.

The best way to continue moving forward it toward your success is to ensure you have the journey in mind – always.

When I’m teaching training classes about how to achieve goals I always ask “if we were to get in my car and drive for an hour, where would we end up?”

Students tend to shout out names of cities or towns… all in different directions from where we are. There is always at least one person in the room with a puzzled look on their face – they are the one who always smiles at my answer to the question… “An hour away.”

If you aren’t thinking about where you want to end up as you’re on the journey to get there, the chances of success are not very good.

When you sit down at your desk, before you are caught up in the activity of your day – reflect on where you want to go in your sales success journey to make sure you take the right road. You never know, you might need a hot air balloon instead of a car to get there.

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