Happy New Year! tomorrow we’re all at zero

One of my favorite thing in the whole world is the ability, in sales, to reinvent ourselves – all of the time!

The reason we have that opportunity is because of the constant reset;

  • new month – starting over
  • new quarter – time to begin again
  • new year – the giant reset of your goals, compensation plan, etc

Other people find this scary and the thing they DON’T like about sales. I revel in it!

Because tonight we get to celebrate. Take a few moments to look back and know all the GREAT things you did (hey STOP that, I can hear you starting to list the things you see as failure instead! cut – it – out):

  • name all the salespeople on your team who are better than they were at the beginning of the year.
  • who did you help to do what they thought was ‘impossible’?
  • what is the most important personal goal you achieved for the year?

Now toast yourself for all the fantastic things you did this year! Celebrate your success for tomorrow you get to begin it all over again – the ultimate opportunity to do things differently and achieve your goals.

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