More Sales Success in 2013 – part 1, make sure you define SUCCESS

The closer we get to the end of the year (any milestone date actually – perhaps your birthday, the day you started your job, whatever it may be), many people start to think about what they want to be different in the following year. There is one thing I think is missing from those musings….

Defining Success

When I say defining success is missing, it is because many times salespeople seem to allow their organization to define what success looks like for them.  Making President’s Club or your quota for the year or… or… or… isn’t necessarily success.

Step 1 – look at the success ‘marker’ you are thinking about setting for next year and answer this question ‘What does that GET me?’

Step 2 – keep asking that question until there isn’t another answer.

Need an example? Here are two from different clients of mine. Their initial definition is identical, but look where they each end up

> make President’s Club ‘What does that GET me?’ > money ‘What does that GET me?’ > I can pay my bills ‘What does that GET me?’ > I don’t have to worry every month ‘What does that GET me?’ > security for my family ‘What does that GET me?’ > financial piece of mind 

> make President’s Club ‘What does that GET me?’ > success in my job ‘What does that GET me?’ > accolades ‘What does that GET me?’ > people who have helped me see it is worth it ‘What does that GET me?’ > see that I’m worth it ‘What does that GET me?’ > belief in myself

Step 3Create your own vision

Once you reach your definition of Sales Success – what will it; look like, feel like, sound like, BE when you close out the year?

Look Like: I’m not telling you that there has to be a picture up in front of you… but if you want one, do that! Make sure it is a representation of YOUR definition of success. If you don’t ski – my picture probably wouldn’t inspire you. An image that is a picture perfect view of your success is the only image that will help you move forward every day.

Feel Like: If you are someone who learns by doing, consider this – understanding what it will feel like every day when you walk in the door when you achieve success is part of making it happen. Will there be swagger or quiet confidence? How will phone calls with prospects feel? Take the time to think about it and take little steps toward that feeling.

Sound Like: Perhaps you just heard the sound of cheering in your head or an old school cash register ringing. It is all about what you believe that success will sound like. Maybe it’s an engine revving or the sounds of construction. What will YOUR success sound like?

If you create something in your imagination, then put a plan in place and work toward it – you can’t help but be a success!

“Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited to all we now know and understand, while imagination embraces the entire world, and all there ever will be to know and understand.” ~ Albert Einstein

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