What’s a difficult question for you to ask?

One of the things that seems to be universal to all FANTASTIC salespeople is that they are willing to do things every day that make them uncomfortable.

This doesn’t mean their whole day is full of discomfort, rather that when facing something that feels daunting – they take one step at a time, allowing for rest at each landing, then continuing on to the top.

Today’s daunting task for you is to figure out what’s a difficult question for you to ask?

  • is there an area of deal qualification that you shy away from?
  • are you uncomfortable asking a particular question – of a particular prospect or customer?
  • when do you get butterflies in your stomach?

Once you’ve identified that THING that makes you uncomfortable – ask a few people you trust for how they do it, pick and choose what could work for you and create your own way of finding out the information.

Now for the REALLY hard part; over the next few days put yourself into positions where you have to practice what you’ve just created. Practice – Edit – Practice – Modify – Practice More.

All of the sudden you’re going realize that difficult question isn’t difficult anymore!

Now it’s time to move on to another question that you’re having trouble with – and so on…..

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