Action Today = Future Results

Every time we make an excuse for ourselves on why we aren’t doing what we KNOW we need to do, it reinforces bad habits.

Years ago my Tajiquan instructor, David Dolbear, said “Practice doesn’t make perfect – practice makes permanent.”

If you think about that it makes sense; just going out onto the football field and kicking a ball day after day, doesn’t mean you’ll be able to make a field goal. You need to practice kicking it between the uprights AND over the crossbar (yes I checked online for the right terms!). Sales is no different!

Every single day we need to practice what we want to be permanent. Think of what we measure… then make sure YOU are trying to achieve what you want permanently!

  • Dials

Into companies I want to be my customers

  • Phone Time / Talk Time

Having conversations where I learn ONE more thing to move forward

  • Business Opportunities

To know where my business will come from in the future

 Instead of making excuses today, begin making something permanent.

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