Is the experience SPOOKtacular?

Halloween has always been my favorite holiday – when else can you be anything you want to be AND get candy for doing it?

This picture was taken 20 years ago today – when my favorite holiday also became my wedding day! Which brings us to our question of the day…

Is the experience SPOOKtacular?

In my world SPOOKtacular is good thing – it’s the Halloween version of spectacular!

In today’s business world – satisfied ISN’T good enough, you’re prospects need to see working with you as being spectacular or there certainly isn’t any reason to change.

Change is difficult – therefore moving from whatever they do now, to do business with you needs to be MORE than worth the pain that they know it will be (notice I say ‘they KNOW it will be’ not that it ‘might be’).

  • make sure your costume is complete
  • the directions to the party are easy to follow
  • you’re ready when the guests arrive
  • there is lots of candy to go around
  • when they leave, they’re smiling
  • 20 years later… people still tell you how much fun they had

Happy Selling & Happy Halloween

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