What are good inside sales leadership habits?

You can find lots of resources on leadership, I’m going to share the top 3 good inside sales leadership habits (according to me of course). Give yourself a cookie for each one you already do!

#1 fairness

Important safety tip: fairness ISN’T treating everyone the same.

I think my favorite definition is “marked by impartiality and honesty: free from self-interest, prejudice, or favoritism” (thanks Merriam-Webster). The key to being seen as a fair inside sales leader is for your team members to easily be able to tie objective criteria to things.

Need an example? how about – anyone at goal gets to leave an hour early Friday.

#2 giving credit where credit is due

When someone on your team brings you a great idea or comes up with a new approach – give them credit. Credit to the team – your boss – anyone who asks.

You’ll gain a reputation as a great leader AND your team will continue to bring you great ideas – creating a cycle of success!

#3 shield the team from the outside

Create an environment where you can back up your salespeople when conflict arises.

This environment starts with the team understanding behavior expectations (that they are honest, play nice in the company sandbox, never put you in a position where you’re surprised in a meeting and it’s about them… whatever is important to you; that happens to be my list).

Once that is established – back them up… shield them from accusations… don’t come back from a meeting and yell, share responsibly.

There you are, my top 3 good inside sales leadership habits – go get your cookies! Then share what are your top 3 inside sales leadership habits are with us.

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