Who’s putting in the MOST effort – you or the salesperson?

It may sound like a strange question: Who’s putting in the MOST effort – you or the salesperson?

The reason that it’s important is my Platinum Sales Leadership Rule: NEVER put more effort into one of your salespeople’s career than they are putting in themselves!

There have been many times over the years (some of those times have been from my own experience in a sales leadership role) that I have seen sales managers and sales leaders putting more effort into someone’s career than they were putting in themselves.

Typically there are what seem like valid reasons for doing it at the time… trust me when I say that there is NEVER a good enough reason!

Sometimes it happens because you see potential in the salesperson – that unrealized potential is worthless to you;  if they aren’t learning new things AND putting them into practice nothing you do will turn that around.

Other times, the salesperson was putting in the effort but now has given up – which is different than being discouraged! If they are discouraged some positive words and encouragement from you will get them moving. When they’ve given up, they might be showing up to work BUT they aren’t doing what they need to do.

My third scenario is that you genuinely like them as a person. Here is where I need you to think of a salesperson as a prospect – likability isn’t what it is about, there has to be value (otherwise it is someone to have over for dinner or to go grab a drink with).

Flip Side

The flip side of this discussion is when YOU aren’t putting effort into their success but the salesperson is! That is sometimes even more dangerous. You’ve now placed yourself in a position where there is no value in YOU.

A successful salesperson who doesn’t find any value in their sales leaders is one who can easily jump ship and be successful somewhere else.

The Key

Examine what effort you’re putting in and match it the effort each individual on your team puts in.


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