Are you grabbing your prospect’s attention?

While I was in Las Vegas for a wedding I had the pleasure of visiting the Neon Boneyard and getting a tour. If you’ve been to Las Vegas you know EVERYTHING is about sales there and the first step is grabbing your attention.

and believe me – in Las Vegas there is a lot vying for your attention!

Which brings me to a few questions for you:

1st – are you getting attention? This might sound strange, but as an inside salesperson there is as much vying for your prospects attention as there is in Las Vegas. What are you doing to be the person who gets noticed?

2nd – is the attention you’re getting the right kind? On the Strip, there may be attention that isn’t going to get you what you want. Are you showcasing your talent, abilities, and the result your prospects will get when they work with you?

3rd – does the cost of the attention out weigh the sales you get back? Now we’re to the duck’s story. Our tour guide related that that particular neon sign hung over a used car dealer. He went on to explain it was a SIX FIGURE purchase… and that would have taken a lot of car sales to pay for (which may be one reason the dealership is out of business & the cool sign resides in the Neon Boneyard). Does your cost of getting attention gain you enough sales to make it worthwhile?

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