Do you know your salespeople’s goals?

I have some good news… and some bad news: NOT all salespeople are driven by money. In fact, even those salespeople who tell you that they are driven by money… probably AREN’T!

Bad News

because…. this means you have to learn and understand what each individual on your team is trying to achieve.

Good News

because…. you can help them motivate themselves quickly once you understand what their goals are.

Now What?

This means to get results from your team you have to:

  • really CARE about each individual on your team reaching THEIR goal – as much as you care about reaching your own.
  • take the time to find out what their goals really are! (make sure you dig into what they will GET from their 1st, 2nd, and possibly 3rd answers)
  • tie everything you ask them to do – back to THEIR goal

Sound like a lot of effort? Perhaps, but it is less effort than the stick or  baseball bat approach. PLUS you will have successful salespeople who feel understood – supported – challenged. They will believe you have their goal achievement in mind when you ask them to do something, which means less eye rolling and more cooperation.

That sounds good doesn’t it?

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