3 Critical Roles – Behavior Change and Sales Leadership

When it comes to behavior change and new habit creation as a sales leader you have three critical roles:

#1 Tell them WHY

My example here is always ‘phone time’ or ‘talk time’ or whatever you call it in your organization.

Instead of pushing a # or %, begin with talking about how that number was derived (one organization I work with studied their top 10 sales reps and then talked about the results to the whole team).

Don’t make your inside salespeople take a pile of upside down puzzle pieces and be able to see the picture! Instead give them a clear understanding of the results they will see once they change their habits.

#2 Inspect what you EXPECT

Now that the team knows WHY, be sure to hold them accountable. Talk with them regularly – daily to begin with as the habit change/creation is starting.

Not in an accusatory parent way
• talk about what is working and what isn’t
• confirm buy-in
• tie it to their personal goals

#3 Work FOR them to make it easier

Yes – ask yourself what YOU can be doing to help your salespeople.

Show them you’re willing to put in as much effort to help them as they’re putting in themselves! You will get more buy in for making difficult changes if the team knows you’re doing everything you can to work with them on moving forward.


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