Sales Self-Coaching, Coach Yourself?

The 1st part of Sales Self-Coaching  is a lot like sales! To make the concept easier to understand, consider yourself the prospect…

  • 1st you need to determine – where you are
  • Then decide – where you want to be

A beginner gymnast doesn’t go right for the iron cross, their first time on the rings. Instead the coach evaluates their physical condition and begins the process from where they are today!

Sales Self-Coaching needs to work the same way – be honest with yourself on what your starting point is!

The next part is a little different from sales. You need to confirm your “where you want to be” statement is actually the current destination you have in mind by asking:

  •  What will being “where you want to be” get you?
  • What will you get from that?
  •  and so on… continue asking yourself that question UNTIL you reach the end of the line and can truly say THAT is what I want!

Need an example? This is from one of my sales coaching clients:
Sales Success = Large Commission Check = Financial Security = Lack of Worry

In that example; the real goal is Lack of Worry. Don’t coach yourself on the 1st level, instead coach yourself to the true result you’re looking to achieve.

Don’t think about winning a preliminary meet as your goal IF what you truly want is an Olympic Gold Medal!

Sales Self-Coaching Tip: Make sure that what you are working on is YOUR goal, not one that someone else told you was important (even if that someone is your spouse OR your boss – make sure you figure out what your goals are before you begin working toward them).

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