Lessons Learned – A Chip off the Block & Radio Show

In June we went on a fantastic vacation, to see a few pictures along with the 9 Lessons Learned about Sales you can check out Issue 38: Lessons Learned Edition of A Chip off the Block.

Here is the list without explanation:

  1. believe you’ll be back
  2. don’t try to cram everything in
  3. don’t weep over little things that don’t work out
  4. look for the extraordinary
  5. enjoyment is not predicated on weather
  6. tired = cranky
  7. people make all the difference
  8. make friends
  9. to make memories, it has to be memorable

PLUS this Thursday July 12th – I used Sales Coaching over Coffee, my internet radio show, to expand on these ideas! So listen in & listen up for more on the topic at 1:00 pm and again at 7:00 pm NY Time (just click on the flashing ‘on air’ button to the left).

Please share what you learned about life on your last vacation here, I love to learn from your experiences.


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