If you ask; you'd better listen to their answer!

My goal is to make all my conversations feel like we’re sitting down having a cup of coffee together. The other day I experienced a strange thing that made me think about this even more!

I was out buying something…. notice I didn’t say shopping – I knew what I wanted, down to the color, style, and size. As I walked into the store, of course, I was asked:

  • “Can I help you find something today”

To which I answered; YES… and paused (the sales trainer in me kicking in I guess) and the greeter/salesperson responded

  • “Have a nice day”

WHAT? I was probably the only person that day who had responded with an affirmative answer. That is no excuse – if you’re going to ask a question be prepared to listen to their answer and move on from there.

Back to that chat over a cup of coffee. How long would you stay if every time you answered the other person’s question they came out with a reply having ZERO to do with the answer. I’m guessing not long.

Make sure you listen after EVERY question you ask, no matter what. PLUS as follow up questions to get them to share even more about the answer.

If you don’t care enough to do that – don’t ask in the 1st place.

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