Do you still get giddy?

One of the tenets of my life is JOYFULNESS! It’s ok, you can laugh (my husband always does). This week I was reminded of the importance, to me, of keeping sales joyful.

It happened while I was making cold calls… no kidding! Joyfulness and cold calls aren’t necessarily things I think of together either.


The moment came while “doing my thing”; I asked a question that made the prospect THINK and our conversation opened up.

That is when I got giddy – I realized that I was in control — and you can be too:

  • by asking insightful questions…
  • questions the prospect hadn’t had time to consider before your conversation…
  • questions that change you from a salesperson into a human being…

Each of us is in control of our own joyfulness in sales.

Today, take a look at the questions you ask your prospects and customers then ask yourself:

  • Will this question make the prospect THINK (or do they have a canned answer prepared)?
  • Does the prospect care about the answer to this question?
  • Am I excited about the possible answers to this question?

If your answer is no – no – no OR even if there is only one no… reword the questions until your answers are yes – yes – yes. Get giddy and be joyful through having better conversations.

Oh, and if you ‘wing it’ never mind, wait… that will be next week’s post.

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